Energy efficiency is an important concern for businesses and homeowners. Windows and doors contribute to energy loss in buildings and account to a significant amount of heating and cooling costs. Therefore, you can improve energy efficiency of your property by replacing inefficient glass with energy efficient solutions.

Energy efficient glass

Will minimise the transfer of heat between the exterior and interior of the building. This will help maintain a comfortable indoor temperature throughout the year. When it comes to traditional single pane windows, you will have minimal insulation and these are prone to heat gain and heat loss. This will increase your energy consumption. But with energy efficiency glass, thermal performance is improved due to multiple glazing layers, low emissivity coatings and insulating gas fills. When you have a damaged glass, you can contact services for glass repairs Eastern suburbs and replacement. You can ask them about the cost of replacing the glass with an energy efficient option. You can benefit from improved insulation when it comes to energy efficient glass. This will prevent the transfer of heat which can help keep your living spaces cooler in the warmer months and warmer in the cold months. You can easily replace outdated glass with energy efficient alternatives so that you can rely on heating and cooling systems less.

Consistent indoor temperatures can be maintained as a result of energy efficient glass.

This is because temperature fluctuations are reduced. You will find the indoor environment more comfortable as there will not be any cold drafts near doors and windows. With improved thermal comfort, the overall liveability of spaces will be improved and occupants will be able to enjoy a comfortable environment throughout the year. Another perk of energy efficient glass is that it is less prone to condensation because of its improved thermal performance. Moisture related problems such as wood rot, mould growth and damage to window frames can be reduced with the use of energy efficient glass. You can also find some energy efficient glass options that offer special coatings to block UV radiation. This will help protect your flooring, furnishings and artwork from sun damage and fading. This will help preserve their aesthetic appeal for a longer time.

There are environmental benefits of energy efficient glass as well.

Because energy consumption is reduced and the greenhouse gases that are associated with heating and cooling are minimised, this change will help mitigate climate change. You can contribute towards a more sustainable future with decisions such as this. You can include low emissivity or low-e glass in the house that has a thin coating which reflects heat into the building during the cool months. It will also prevent solar gain in the summer. Then there are double pane and triple pane glass windows where the layers of glass are separated by insulating gas. This will improve insulation and therefore thermal performance of the window or door. Some will have higher insulating properties as the windows are filled with inert gases. Then there is smart glass that can change properties according to external temperature.