Outdoor education has been prioritised by many schools so that children understand their impact on the environment and how to live in a way that doesn’t harm their surroundings. Schools that incorporate outdoor education to their curriculums allow students to experience the natural environment through outdoor activities and adventure based experiences.

While learning in a classroom

Can teach your child discipline and an understanding of the core subjects, outdoor educational opportunities allow them to build their personality through hands-on activities. Today, not many children play outside choosing to favour technology. But by showing them how their life can be enriched by understanding the environment at a young age, they will learn to appreciate the world they live in and have a responsibility towards taking care of it. Private schools Logan provide outdoor education to children by presenting them with problem solving activities, camping, hiking, team building activities etc. This allows children to think critically which helps them make decisions quickly in real life situations. They will be prepared on how to act when they are in the society. There can be so many situations they will not feel comfortable in when they are in society but experiences such as this give them the foundation to think critically and solve problems in a logical way.

Outdoor education

Will allow children to learn experientially which is can train them to think critically. They will be able to look at a problem from different perspectives before coming to a decision. And as many of these activities are physical, this will help them become more active. Today, many of us live sedentary lives but when you are taught to be active from a young age, it becomes natural to go outside, do some exercise and appreciate what you see in front of you. When you are exposed to natural environment and you feel sunlight on your skin and inhale fresh air, it can invigorate you and improve your mental health. Children will learn to be resilient as they are pushing their bodies to their limits. And being able to do something that you were not able to do such as complete a physical exercise can give them a sense of achievement and encourage them to try more things.             


Educators will teach students to see the natural environment in a different way, they will be able to learn something beyond the surface. While a student who is learning in a classroom environment will see a tree outside of their window and not think much about it, a student that has been exposed to outdoor education will see the tree but also the ecosystem that comprises it. And this creates and nurtures an appreciation of nature. Children will feel responsible for the environment and this will allow them to become environmentally conscious adults that help preserve the environment. And because there are so many team building exercises, they will learn how to work together and this is a great environment to build and develop leadership skills. They will learn how to communicate effectively and listen to what the other person is saying.