When you are planning to build your dream home, one of the steps will be visiting some of the display homes of potential builders to get an idea of the design aesthetics and the craftsmanship you will have in your own home. But you have to be prepared to go through this process properly by giving attention to details.

When searching for a Canberra builder, you have to consider their reputation. You can research the reputation by going through online reviews on independent websites, client testimonials on the official website of the builder and asking for recommendations from family and friends. By selecting a builder with a good track record for building strong homes, you will have a better chance of minimising potential issues later on.

You should also have a clear idea of the requirements you are looking for and preferences. You need to have a number in mind when it comes to the quantity of bedrooms and bathrooms in the house as well as the size for these depending on comfort. Maybe there are certain special features you are looking for in the home such as a bar, patio, lobby etc. By having a good idea of what you are looking for, you can check whether the designs of the display homes align with your vision.

It is important

That you visit display homes from different builders so that you have a better idea of the designs, quality and layouts. This will give you an idea of what is available in the market and whether you can select a home that is already built or designed or if going for a custom home is more suitable for you. You need to take photos during your visit and notes so that you can compare these later on when selecting a builder.

Try to note down your initial impressions. You have to evaluate the exterior of the display home by considering the materials used here, curb appeal and architectural design. This is what a visitor to the home first sees and the exterior design has a big impact on the resale value of the home. Some of the items you need to consider will be the condition of the building façade, quality of the roof and landscaping.

There should be a flow in the layout and the spaces should align with your preferences and lifestyle

You have to think about the process you go through from the time you wake up to going to sleep so that you have an idea of how you will use the home. Consider how the layout can make your daily routine more comfortable. For example, you may enjoy a cup of tea or coffee in the kitchen so you need to check whether there is sufficient space to do this.

Also, consider if you want a connection between the kitchen and the living so that you can speak to the guests while preparing a meal. Think about how you will reach the bathroom from the bedroom and how the laundry room will be reached. For example, it can be convenient when the laundry room is in the same floor as the bathroom so you don’t have to take clothes up and down the stairs.