If your bathroom hasn’t seen a renovation in some time, this may be the time for a makeover. You can transform an outdated bathroom to become more functional and aesthetically pleasing. And there are easy ways to do this provided you have an efficient layout. If you need to change the layout itself, you will need to start from the beginning but this will not be difficult with the right renovation company.

Think about which areas in your bathroom need an upgrade and what you expect from the change.

Maybe you are looking to improve thefunctionality of the space or improve the overall appearance. Some want to create a relaxing atmosphere in the bathroom which can help them relax and unwind from a busy day. Before you start the renovation, you need to have a realistic budget. You can work with a company specialising in bathroom renos hawthorn to have a better understanding of the process. You can let the company know what your budget is so they can guide you towards achievable outcomes. Staying within the budget starts from the design itself. There are certain materials you can select for the bathroom that will not break the bank. And the renovation company can give you more insight regarding this.

Functionality should be given priority when you are carrying out a renovation.

Think about the layout of the bathroom and how this can be improved for a better flow. Sometimes there is insufficient storage solutions in the bathroom which can hinder your activities such as getting ready in the morning. You can use built-in shelves, under sink organisers and wall mounted cabinets to maximise storage. And by having covered storage, you will be able to get rid of visual clutter. For example, if you have open shelves only, it can be hard to keep everything organised all the time. But when you have your personal care items behind doors, this will make the bathroom look more organised. A common issue with old bathrooms is outdated hardware and fixtures. But this can be easily rectified by replacing them with new shower heads, cabinet handles, towel bars, faucets etc. You can choose finishes that match the overall design so that the interior looks cohesive.

If your tiles are looking worn or outdated, you can replace them with new tiles.

You can actually choose different materials such as natural stone, ceramic or porcelain tiles. You can replace the tiles in the shower only if you have budget constraints or replace the tiles on the wall only. When you work with a renovation company, they will help you visualise the new appearance of the bathroom through 3D models and photos. While re-tiling the bathroom can be a little expensive, it can help you maintain it better in the long term. But if this is not an option you can consider at the moment, there are cost-effective ways to refresh an outdated bathroom such as painting the walls with a fresh coat of paint. This can transform a compact bathroom by giving the impression of spaciousness; you can choose light colours to achieve this. And to create more interest, you can use bold colours.