Concrete cutting is an important part of renovation, construction and demolition projects. You need to have specialised equipment and methods to ensure precision in the outcome. Concrete cutting can be done to create openings for doors and windows, to remove sections of concrete or to cut expansion joints. You need to choose the right cutting method and the equipment to ensure efficient results.

When you check out official websites of concrete cutting professionals,

You can find more to read on their blogs on cutting methods, equipment, planning operations, challenges etc. A common method of concrete cutting is saw cutting and here, a diamond tipped saw blade is used to cut through concrete surfaces. There are several methods for saw cutting. If you want to create horizontal cuts in concrete surfaces such as a floor or pavement, you can carry out flat sawing. This is also called slab sawing. These have circular diamond blades. When making vertical cuts on concrete beams or walls, you can do wall sawing. You can also achieve inclined cuts this way. There is a track mounted system in wall saws and you can achieve precise straight or curved cutting. Sometimes what you need to cut will be located in a tight area that is hard to reach with large equipment. In this situation, you can do hand sawing. These handheld saws will have smaller diamond blades and you can use hydraulic power to operate them or use manual saws.

Cylindrical holes are created

In concrete structures to install electrical wiring, plumbing or for HVAC systems and this is called core drilling. These will have diamond tipped drill bits that are mounted on a rotary drill machine. The machine will penetrate the concrete gradually and create a precise hole. You create a hole of any diameter. When cutting through heavily reinforced concrete structures or a thick structures, you can do wire sawing which uses a continuous loop of wire that is embedded with segments of diamond. This can be used to cut large areas of concrete with minimal noise and vibration. You can use wire sawing for demolition projects and they are ideal for cutting concrete in tight spaces as well. You can also cut through hard materials like masonry and concrete with diamond chain sawing in a quick and efficient way.

One of the essential equipment used for concrete cutting

Is diamond saw blades and they have diamond segments that are bonded to a metal core. These can cut through hard materials and still stay sharp. Core drill machines are used for core drilling and they have a motorised drill unit mounted on a stable base. There are water cooling systems to prevent the unit from overheating. There are hydraulic power units and track mounted saws included in wall sawing equipment. You can cut inclined or vertical surfaces with this. Wire sawing systems have a diamond wire, wire saw machine and tensioning devices. You can cut large sections of concrete easily with them.