Adult toys have gained popularity over the years and with many people using them, there has to be more priority on adult toy maintenance. This is something that is overlooked by many people but there can be serious risks to your physical health from poorly maintained adult toys.

There are so many adult toys on the market such as vibrators, dildos, couple’s cock rings, anal beads, strap-ons, pumps, extenders etc. But no matter what toy you use, you need to clean and maintain it properly so that you don’t run into the risk of developing bacterial infections. There can be pathogens such as yeast and bacteria in the adult toys if you don’t sanitise and clean them regularly. And when your body is exposed to these pathogens, it can lead to infections in sensitive areas like the urinary tract or genitals. Some common symptoms of bacterial infections are burning, itching, unusual discharge and discomfort during urination. There can be serious health complications that can arise from untreated infections. When you don’t maintain adult toys properly, there is a risk of sexually transmitted infections as well. STIs like HIV and chlamydia can be transferred when you share improperly cleaned or maintained adult toys. And you need to use condoms on penetrative toys and clean them after each use. This is especially important when you share them between partners.

When adult toys are improperly maintained, the material can degrade.

Some of the materials that these toys are made from are rubber, silicone and other porous materials like PVC. And when they are exposed to heat, harsh chemicals and moisture, the material can break down. This can lead to loss of structural integrity in the toy as well as cracks and tears. When these damages are seen, this will compromise safety and effectiveness of the toy. This will also create rough surfaces on the toy that can harbour bacteria. It can be hard to clean these areas. You have to read the guidelines set by the manufacturer and follow them when cleaning and storing them. Different materials also come with different levels of ease when it comes to cleaning. For example, it can be easy to clean glass and silicone adult toys as these are not porous. But materials like PVC and TPE/TPR tend to be porous which requires diligent cleaning.

There can be allergic reactions arising from certain materials that the toy is made from.

This can happen when there are certain chemicals in the composition, rubber or latex. You can identify an allergic reaction when you see swelling, redness and irritation on the skin. It can also be itchy. You have to choose adult toys made from hypoallergenic materials like glass or silicone if you have an allergy or sensitivity to a certain material. Physical damage can be done to intimate tissues if you use adult toys incorrectly or if the material of the toy is irritating or abrasive. If there are imperfections, rough edges or seams on the toy surface, this can cause discomfort and friction when you are using it. And it can lead to bruising and irritation.